Sebastian Coe’s – bloody at it again !!!!

Not content with having foisted on the general public at large without a referendum, via his highly vocal sports minority marketing vehicle, a huge tax burden, by lining us up with this most costly olympic festival media entertainment bullshit jamboree, which as i see it is one great big free lunch for athletes, developers and the media. The f****r is now with his personally vested little interest, best innocent sports face, trying to line us up for the bloody world cup in 2018 as well, no doubt so his sports consultancy vehicle or whatever it is he runs, can make even more money ? or what was it olympic consulting company was quoted as saying when referring on what to charge for services and fees “charge like a wounded rhino”

Do you think for a second Coe gets up in the morning and wonders whether the average tax payer can actually afford, the size of his ego and sports worshipping plans, and stands behind him in his efforts, or do you think like some great sports mafiosi boss, he just perceives how much can be squeezed from the public purse, for him and his tribe of self serving athletic friends to steal.

Ok … so you like to run faster than some other idiot, do I want to pay you as a tax payer to do that ? No I do not. Do I want to pay for a huge waste of billions of pounds to pay for lots of other athletes to come to this country ? NO ! Its not something that going to improve humanitys let alone english cultures lot greatly, and all athletics wreaks slightly of some kind of genetics fit for physical purpose facism competition.

Im personally hoping Coe has an embolism, before we get lumped with any more expensive tax burdens we cant afford, in order to smooth his knighted ego. Problem is him being an ex athlete an all, its not too likely unless he does the sudden heart attack on a treadmill routine, while the 10 a day smoking cyclist lives longer.

Sebastian is the perfect example of a dumb talent, such as I once ran a little quick against other white people, and how this can lead to fame which leads sadly to all the opportunitys of britain being laid at your feet, including a free entrance into politics mainly because idiots can recognise your face and name on a ballott, and from there be knighted by the queen for what ? services to sports ? I mean that takes the piss out of doing your duty for your country.

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