ombudsman email re bt caller display charges

I have many unresolved issues with BT and one complaint dialog ongoing.

but lets just start with one clear complaint for the moment which relates to they way the hide their charges associated with BT caller display when you dont make the minimum 2 calls per month.

I think this video I have made explaining the difficultys in how to not get charged for caller display illustrates my point very clearly :

if you as an ombudsman cannot stop BT operating a practice whereby they penalise and charge their customers for a lack of use of their services with hidden conditional clauses and a clear and observable misrepresentation of cost, as the website video above clearly shows, then we as customers should get a new watchdog.

im trying to get them to reverse the caller display charges as I have in the majority of time in the last 16-17 months not had a phone attached to my telephone socket for a long time as i use it for broadband only yet they continue to charge me for services they havent had the expense of providing to me like caller display, I have charges for caller display from them going back to at least the 7th Feb 2011, even though in a phone conversation at the point i disconnected my phone from the socket, with one of their operators I had explicitly asked to be put on just the minimum line rental only. somehow my charges were more than the minimum line rental, as the video illustrates it is only recently I had the time to navigate their cryptic website and select the right caller feature option to disable these charges.

also worryingly they notify me by email me, but dont actually send me my bills via email and if you dont download them they delete your old bills after a certain period which appears less than the accounts wise record keeping period each person is liable for.

I have more communiques with them but there is not enough space to include that dialog here, lets see what you can achieve with clear evidence ?

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