Mubaraks health ?

I’d wan’t a second third fourth and fifth doctors opinion on his health, his whole lying in bed in the court scenario seems, a “put on” to me, they should at least put the fucker upright to face his charges, I doubt it would kill him, theres not many diseases that kill you through being in an upright position ? He looks like he’s trying the usual dictator bullshit of pretending he’s close to death in order to avoid facing life shortening charges, surely it would save allot of time just to kill the fucker and have it done with. No Court cases, No trial nothing, the guy is quite obviously going to make a mockery of the idea of a court in order to extend his life, before facing any actual sentence. It does not serve egypt to have him lying in a bed, lying about everything. Out with the old and in with the new corruption is probably whats occurring anyway, but really they should be sure he’s properly out of the picture, otherwise he’ll hang over Egypts current possibly military corrupt future like a stale fart. At least if he’s been executed then it serves as a warning from the people to the powerful that if you want to have allot of power in egypt and suck up to the isreali’s, then if your caught at such activity then you are more likely to be executed, his execution might help ensure you get more moral people seeking power in Egypt.

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