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Agreed look down the first class name on that list and regardless of what blizzard says, Rogues are Top DPS in this game on those fights statistically, im in SSC mags doomwalker kazaak. In a way does it matter is the question ? In one way im happy hey as long as the raid downs stuff its cool, getting gear is what counts.

The thing that wrankles for me is deep unconscious inversion of long held RPG lore ?

old school rules number 1:
You wear cloth you more easily killed, but as compensation you get to do more damage, than the more armored classes.

Knives may do damage but are they mightier than magic itself ?

principles 101:
in front meat wall behind damage casters, healers holding the wall up. wow has fractured this simple principle into many genres, and in a way its lead to a great deal more interest, but because theyve moved so far from that framework, its original philosophy are difficult to square and balance.

From a lore point of view an agilitous half criminal knife wielder ie a rogue being top at dps in downing bosses enshrined in game lore, is like crowning a butcherer with glory, not aesthetic. perhaps on the horde side the butcherer should be king and in pvp most often is, but on the alliance side ? and should the king so often be a rogue i mean if theyre was variation in that list it would be ok, but its pretty consistently saying roll a knife wielder if you want to do max dps.

Maybe its just the end game fights concerned where they come out top ? i think it can be applied generally theyre are certainly fights where melee dps really suffer.

How has it come about, thyere could be any number of reasons.

Is gearing up the reason ?

less comptetition for gear tokens on that class etc. certain classes are easer to epic as they make up less of a percentage in the raid makeup. but randomly unless blizz weight these things have an equal chance to get gear at that lesser percentage makeup. also look a tier token makeup and you will see that theres more chance of gear dropping for multiclass classes druids etc unless this is balanced as they have so many possible gear specs ? theyrefore require more possible gear spec drops, admitadely only recently decently provisioned for but a druid can require for example : leather heal gear, leather caster dps gear. leather feral dps gear, leather tank gear. while say a warlock just requires caster dps gear wjcj can be shared with two other dps clasess. therefore the library of possible drops if not weighted(ie not random) must contain more druid gear possibilities than warlock gear ? also dps casters get a situation in which gear that works for warlocks can work for mages and for shadow priest etc. as class specific caster dps damage exclusive gear has been phased out.(fire , shadow dmg etc) looking at the tier sets here :

you can see that certain classes have lots of tier sets and others few. I am sure blizzard do not rely on random and have a weighted random set based on average raid makeup, statistics they have access to
im sure. For if they have true random then certain classes will really have more difficulty in gearing up. blah blah i need to stop playing this game :) ! lol

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