Intel Haswell the skinny – wait for next gen :

intel IHS still not soldered onto the CPU die just like ivy bridge :( not happy, no doubt rubbish tim used instead, will wait for next chip gen to see if IHS is soldered onto CPU die, dont wish to to have to delid the cpu to OC properly or have cleanly related core temps when high OC’ing, and haswell is not more powerful, just better energy efficiency, this is not an upgrade for the LGA market for sure as an improvement in integrated graphics are of no major interest to desktop gamers who if they’re spending £170 on an LGA CPU will be spending that on a separate graphics card anyway ? no shakes no interest, and would not wish my oc’ability to degrade with aging TIM in the CPU itself, life is too short for intels cost saving method for attaching the IHS, in what is a premium expense CPU.

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