blizzard the worst company ?

Blizzard is the most arrogant company in the world . theyre is not one part of wow games mechanic and your chars makeup mechanics they will not f**k with on a daily basis, its one thing to expand a game, its another thing to endlessly mess with every aspect of it, your char is there property ? the TOS is abominable when read and fully understood. the customer support is beligerent and ignorant and revolves around ignoring customers and deleting/locking posts that reflect even in the slightest way negatively on them, the make more money than sin, but refuse to develop a region transfer facility, citing bullshit corporo drone spiel as the reason why its impossible, most of the game changes seem to revolve around making more money than making a better game, they also shit on addon developers constantly. 75% of the patches revolved around nerfing something you liked about the game, conditional macros , ranged based action bar addons, subtracting 20 talent points from your characters design, forcing you to re-level to 85 to have access to two talent trees ?! the list goes on and on, when you buy wow and invest time in a character your playing an addictive game of virtual esteem poker in which the dealer is changing the rules as soon as you get a wiff of winning, dont bother its a suckers game, if you think that im just QQ-ing then question it again when youve stopped playing for 2 years, and the scales will fall of your eyes, and you will realise that the people who love to play no matter what blizzard do, are just the non QQing “man” addicts who get stiff enough for the next top level content boss, who will continue to masochistically suck the dealers c**k no matter the abuse.

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