activision a cancer on wow

exactly dial it up and dial it down … you have seen the light, your almost out of the tunnel the blinkers are almost off, your playing the activision rpg variables game designer ego orgasmatron, your char, your gear, the bosses, the game engine, everything is just a big variable storm for them to chaoticalliy jizz their crappy ideas into, they do this to test and see if your a properly conditioned addict, which if you are you will lap it up, I wouldn’t be surprised if wow was pimped into be some rainbow adventure pet puzzler for 5 year olds before it dies, pandaria talent tree looks like something a fiver year old could comprehend, notice how blizzard “improvements” to the game are coming so thick and fast you can hardly keep track, and in the end there wont be any nostalgia left to play except in sadly private servers, most good games die this really awful undignified death and wow will be one of them.

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