whats really going on

Like the binary base or foundation of the digital world, Are not all things in the real or psychological realm safely represented … by a queer alphabet of bundles of energy, whose masses attract, repel, disrupt, expand, contract and whose spin can unwind energy on and off each other, or further increase speed of spin or slow each other down, so as to attain or lose a meta kind of mass, so as to effect and interact within the greater space and all those bodies contained their in it, and within this space are all things that can be said to exist in any scientifically determinable sense occur.

And these energys at some scales, whos possible permutations of interactions so vast and incalculable, though pictures maybe drawn and things understood at those certain scales of existence, relatively close to the human scale, appear to be mainly repeatable emergent phenomena or feedback that when traced to its source run into a field of things so fast moving so small so ephemeral so difficult to observe without disruption, that the limitations of humans scale interactions, make it impossible to predict with certainty on any scales too distant from our own.

The scale of chemistry and biology, both visible signal markers, emergent layers … of tightly wound perceivable significance relevant to the human scale, and dna merely the nearest quaternary biological informational carrying base from which the human perspective has emerged like other base orders which on binary are hosted, and this base in turn defers to the chemical scale or base, which in turn is built on the swirling base of energy below from which like the horizon, contains no end or final point at which we may arrive.

It is this feedback and tight looping of things upon themselves at one scale that helps create emergent phenomena and bases at other scales that often defies comprehension in our artificial search for the final base or fundamental scale of things. loops can only artificially be interpreted to have a beginning and an end and both of these most often existent at every point upon them, It is our linearisation and decisional binarisation for the benefit of cognitive linear progress and our penchant for discrete observeable objects at all scales, that means we will be hampered in finding the end point on a loop, linearity with its easily identifiable points is our human projection.

These energy’s like all objects or concepts … either chirally garnering potency or dwindling, everything is in motion, when someone does something terrible, I feel it usually stems from a loss of energy or mass to some critical aspect of their psychological existence, which the general environment has sucked from them, leaving them imbalanced or not whole enough to thrive in their orbit of spin and self potency, their is a deficit in this scenario a discrepancy that cannot be compensated for, which now weakened is constantly being eaten away by the general environment, or seeking sustenance to endebteadly be sustained by borrowing from other cells and like any cell it will eventually collapse unable to preserve the functioning parts of its contents, whether psychologically or physically. The modern existence creates these new human psychological collapse disorders.

Too much we give up our energy to false concepts, which have way to much mass for realism or even theyre own good, and often at the detriment of our own happiness. we surrender our happiness to a state of instability in which we search for stability, usually through money or intellectual quests, as a symbolic tokenisation and parcelment of the things we have linearised from nature, which we remove from each other and general abundance and create scarcity or in the case of intellect paint as insufficient, for deserved reward of the linearised resources, we have denied to each other, in order to motivate our existences, and put motion into the human journey.

Humanity is not natural because we have broken free of the balance of natures cycles, and can borrow from nowhere into existence, energys and concepts in profit by taking from the balanced cycles of nature and laying them out linearly, this distorted manipulation of things, can create paths, journeys, ways, and thereby endings good or bad, like being happily married or damaging the environment all are now possible to arrive at since we created our human way, though also never strangley to stop at ?, fixed points dont exist except a certain crude scales of observance.

It is this desperate human desire to binarise and linearise and abstract existence into binary decisional based scenarios or pathways, which enables us to travel our own path outside of the circular paths of nature, but this linearisation of the journey, forces our journey to have features like a beginning and an end though mainly somewhere in the middle, whereas as natures cycles are not really bothered by such human concepts, yet at the same time this linearisation of things enables us to wield beneficial concepts such as progress, but linearising existence, mainly disables us from being happy for large proportions of existence, because linearising existence creates a journey with a beginning and an end, and by that nature of motion we have never really “arrived” except unto death, therefore life itself is not lived as happily as it could be.

perhaps cultures that were not living in a heightened state of fervent belief in the idea of progression, or living with a defecit of contentment in regards their current and only state of existence, who often live closer too or in harmony with natures cycles are in fact happier, as they are living in a state in which they are “always arrived”, whereas in modern culture we have never arrived, we are always moving toward arriving, until we die, this creates progress through a state of discontent and dissatisfaction. if you keep people discontent they are easier to persuade of things, for in this state of discontent they are searching for new doctrine to lead to the happy state of content that is denied them, and which they gave up for progress in the first place.

all things appear different by scale and viewpoint, to us the ground is static, from space the earth is moving at one speed, the solar system the arm of the galaxy another, all is relative and in motion and interacting however diffusely with everything else, what matters and makes an interest to us is our viewpoint and that is most often determined by the human scale.

happiness is not written into human existence.

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