Warcraft tweak insane

Its beginning to depress me the endless nerfing and tweaking that blizzard seem to visit on their game on a weekly basis, looking at the patch text you realise there was only one real bug fixed right at the bottom of the text, everything else above is a tweak.

To some extent the idea of live development is ok, if it fixes bug and adds features, but blizz seem to use it, as is tempting for any developer to endlessly tune the game engine, Its fully possible for you to develop a character, and then blizzard to tune it such you dont want to play it any more, ie they ruin your talent spec, or boon another spec such that you have to respec just to be competetive, or they tweak items such that they were worth your friend aquiring but now no longer you.

In the recent patch it seems that they have changed all the honor requirements for BG weapons to make the low end weapons easier to attain and the high end ones even further away. For I who choose my spec very carefully, it’s irritating to have them constantly messing with ground I walk on from a choices point of view, it means the decisions I end up making may be pointless ones. It is only strategy and choice that makes the game interesting, and not endlessly plugging away on your millionth mob of the day with some some naffed up spec compared to two months ago, before some patch or other.

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