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good you have told us and we have heard you, your parents are flawed and always were, their seperation is not the end, mine seperated before my memory had formed. trust me when i say you dont always do everything wrong, you cannot do anything right enough to save their relationship so dont try to compensate for their breakup if you are. See them as two people who are no longer compatible whether that is their egos or narrowness whatever, have time for them both, be above their disputes love them despite their failings, because no doubt they tried, and remember concentrate on having a healthy psychological attitude to yourself, try not to establish negative patterns in your teenage years, they might entrench themselves, try to see the good things in the world around you and remember you are 13 and the world can have allot in it for you if you choose to see it that way … good luck time traveller.

there is no god that interacts in the real world and there is no afterlife in which your mentality is intact, death will not solve your problems, your wife is nuts – forget her, give her the least of what she wants from you ie your money/wages. she has mistaken a new sensation for growing, she might learn from this one day, your role in life is not purely as a ticket to ride for those who depend on you, you only have another 6 years of kid dependance before you can make some real changes stick it out stay under the radar aid your children in becoming functional happy independent people, then with that goal achieved 6 years from now it is time for change in your life on a grand scale, and in any direction you choose.

your wife is picking up her expressions and philosophy from rather vanilla womens media the “we just grew apart” bit is laughably flakey and weak.

its about threshholds, all human beings endorse and condone their own decision making, post the action, regardless of whether it was right or wrong, if you cross too many threshholds you lose some internal integrity but gain debatable-y useful experience, for me stripping is not attractive unless its in the privacy of your own home for your partner, glamour modelling less troubling if its a phase, and you dont get drawn into anything seedier, ie regardless of the marketing from american culture pornography and the heavy focussing on sex is damaging for most peoples relationships. further women have always had the power of their sexuality throughout history at their disposal, but its not a civilised power, and pure titilation is a waste of everyones time, 40 years of women lib to undo the sexual objectification of women, is ironically being undone by women as they revert to primitive tools to manipulate others for money favour or reward using sexuality, men may as well revert to their violent nature with ease as it is an equally primitive tool, its a complex issue.

either you do not really value the opinions deposited here and have merely posted this question to lapdog activate the sense of posters taste and choice, or you are genuinely the insecure person who’s posting their own profile pic ? whichever attractivity in its purely visual sense is a small portion, and does not square the circle of long term happiness, therefore cannot be said to be ultimately attractive in and of itself. this answer in itself is evidence of how thought, however florid is often pointless. addendum : usefull to do ? i tell you what i’ll post a question on the internet like yours, because obviously thats the definition of useful by your measure ? overreacting ? theres no such thing… there are other people on the internet and you asked for their reaction by posting a question, not keen on their responses ? tough … that indicates your mind only likes to play games where you expect the outcomes and are in control, hence your response to my replys … would you have preferred this response ? “yer real corka” or “wistful beauty” does that fit your fragile expectations ?

have ? probably not … if you have a beer in your hand but have not drunk it, then it can be taken from you, and hence may not be considered that you have it any longer, as such you cannot now progress or move from the state of having lost the beer to having “had it” ie drunk it, if you remove the doubt inherent, in this possibility of loss … by drinking it, you no longer have or can have the beer either, but have rather “had one” or have a partial unfinished beer and not a whole beer, therefore im not sure its possible to “have” a beer except only temporarily and without the guaranteed satisfaction of having “had a beer” unless one suspends time and you remain in an undisturbed state of having a beer in ones hand but never drinking it, then you could say you “have” a beer, ones beer is permanently in a cyclic progression from a state of wanting one, to temporarily having one and thence inexorably to having had one. if you have had too much beer … do not read this it was written by a person who was too sober for his own good, whilst the gears of his mind eerily span in a beerless state.

its relatively easy to solve your problem, if you just extrapolate the boredom to its ful potential, at that point you will be bored of eating also, you will have a different problem called wasting away, but you will no longer be interested enough to bother eating as you currently are, but reflexively eat at regular intervals as starving or flooding your system with food both encourage diabetes, notice how you weren’t so bored you couldn’t pose this question, and I wasn’t so bored that i couldn’t be bothered to respond to it ? but also note Im often bored with eating, to the extent of not bothering with it, indicating you are not yet bored enough to stop eating ? unless your hunger gut chemicals are modifying your bored with things potential ~ fully possible

agree with you on this, cultural degredation is what i call it, also a certain blindness to imagine others cannot readily identify their attempt at vainly posturing written in their facial expression on camera, be yourself people its the only thing that looks natural, unless your doing it for comedic effect.

bladerunner … had it right … one cannot retro-actively reassemble the dna of a fully grown organism, and fashion it through dna therapy’s into a superhuman as you call it, your best bet, if so obsessed would be to copy the insane american belief in plastic surgery as a method to lure in someone else’s better genetics through deception to breed with and hope the children are better off, as long as you dont discover afterward your wife’s cute nose and breasts were both false in the first place, in which case its another plastic surgery routine for ones children also ? to be honest work with what you got, you would be surprised at its potential ? and if you have a physical disgurement in all seriousness its plastic surgery that can help and not DNA superhuman therapy ? HOLLYWOOD !!!!

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