The definition of the blind leading the blind

Is this photo now the definition of
the blind leading the blind
how idiots can actually be dangerous
how the arrogant can be dangerous
how the self agrandising transmission of ones own egotistical unfounded mystically self divined interpretations of a fictional ‘chinese whispered’ over corrupted text from an adulterated compilation story book from 2000 years ago can be dangerous.
or perhaps just how geriatric religious nuts opinions should be ignored
strange thing is this guy is most majorly just a con artist and should be in prison, but your sweet old grey haired harmless old man appearance is a skin over the top of le ego grande, your half rotted corpse of an existence, after all camping doesn’t have long to go anyway before he “doesnt” meet the big jeezus and his daddy goddikins, which judge will stomach locking him up ? sick thing is this fucker has got form and did this once before in 1994, he should have been locked up then.
also if hes truly religious how did he manage to clusterfuck his own kind, so successfully by ruining their lives with his taking of their money for silly purposes, and then in that truly christian sense ? deny all responsibility ? pity he doesnt take the word of the bible seriously, as it says false prophets are to be killed. Truthfully harold if you had faith in GOD you can ‘commit’ your own personally actioned rapture and go ahead of us all to see if god is waiting for you, as a man of faith this carnal existence must mean little to you ? or are you scared or does your lack of faith prevent you from going to heaven what 4-5 years early ? after all there must be no god if liers such as yourself go on for another 10 years talking more rubbish. But i guess your failed 1994 prediction led you to this inevitable 2nd failing rather than a second coming end of the world whatever, primarily because you have such a massive self investment and EGO in your first wrong prediction you could not allow yourself to imagine your actually just an idiot whose wasted his life reading a false book and thereby making false predictions about outcomes of future events from it, I suggest you read better source material, then things you say might not be guarantee-ably wrong.

I think Harold your real problems must stem in a freudian way, from an overindulged childhood in which unwarranted amounts of love and expectation were placed upon you, and your deep belief in the propaganda your parents must have projected, of absolute and unquestioning love and unfounded faith in you, which you proceeded over years to believe yourself, and have spent so much time attempting to sooth and bridge the vast reality gap between your egos self perception and the reality, by attempting to make real that parental faith by attempting through the power of you own false will manifest this parental faith into reality by convincing the wider world of it also, in an attention seeking and dramatic way, that in fact your parents prodigal image of you was somehow magically correct. your insistence on playing the grand stage seems almost classically psychopathic in nature.

harold camping

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