The definition of stolen ?

finders keepers ? – nope thats stealing

one commenter said

“Sorry but she did not steal the stupid thing. She just decided to keep something she found (which was wrong) Tired of every time someone leaves some thing behind or misplaces it they accuse the finder of stealing. Take better care of the things you own. Before the nasty trolls come out, yes she should have turned it in. It was wrong of her to keep it but she did NOT steal it.”

First it has his name and address on the back ! ‘stupid thing’ well if its such a stupid thing why is she holding onto it because it mirrors her own stupidity in thinking its perfectly moral to keep it ? I doubt not even one of her friends will be moral enough to persuade her to hand it in.

Second Any grown adult would know to hand the ipad into a flight attendant or lost property at the airport and get a receipt for it.

Why do some people seem to have difficulty with the idea of what is moral, people know what morality is they choose to live in denial.

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