ios update 6.1.3

Why does ios update 6.1.3 – a 17 odd mb download yet requires 662Mb to install ? Is there patching done on a separate copy of all maps data ? Then it should say temporarily requires 662mb as there description does not make clear whether the 662mb is additional Permanently and all this for better maps in Japan ? Do I have choice in storing maps of Japan on my phone taking up space permanently ? Perhaps it should also state final installed size ?


Adobe getplus flash update evil bloatware Bundle crap

has adobe turned to an evil pile of shite, this pile of crap “adobe getplus download” bullshit stuffed me over too, i will be linking to this post, to a blogpost by a guy called sameer halai who has bothered to snapshot all the crappery, that went on during a getplus arranged free adobe reader installation, as this guy has bothered to do the footwork, to show the fluff and flaff involved, during my adobe flash plugin installation it tried to give me some fing mcafee crap I didnt ask for, soon unticked that, but then i still got all this extra adobe DLL bullshit installed without my permission ? the software companys do not have the right to install crap that runs in the background on my machine without my permission, nor to install software other than that described in the download and that is exactly what they do and worse, go down that road adobe and youll get sued just like microsoft for bundling things in without permission, and yes on the evidence it appears you are trying to install extra stuff without permission.

Sameer is quite rightfully saying, all I would say about such disgracefull behaviour by adobe, without the venom that I would display, mainly because im too old … … to put up with this rubbish. adobe seemed to be attempting to foist on us with this recent flash update ? update ? more like a computer hijack as you put it sameer, and worse firefox seemed to crash first of all, to be honest all the manufacturers seem to install background processes in software updaters etc without allowing the user to choose not to install without all this cruft, obviously the average plebian user has no idea what crap is going on with their machine and why it ends up so slow, its because all software producers like adobe take libertys like this, that your machine is so slow, and security software is the worst for this background behaviour, you may as well chuck half your processing power away when using security software “suite” on a PC.

so i tried to complain on the adobe website and got this error

shine on adobe great job there : perhaps you should have a simpler everything with less auto fuckup bullshit.

then I decided to go to support, surprise surprise waste more of your life creating logins and giving 15000 peices of information just so that you can complain about flash player install trying to hijack your computer with bullshit adobe bloatware software ie:

to be honest nearly all corporates set barriers between them and their customers complaining because regardless of them marketing their interested in user feedback, they actually arent interested in the slightest nor do they have the power and facility to deal with the real feedback they would get if there wasnt a hurdle to using feedback processes for the user, if they could sell software that did nothing for a profit without comeuppance they would. we need to have some kind of universal rate this download thing built into webbrowser, so we can label software installs free or not that make your machines worse than when you started, and leave some bloatware cruft half badly installed.

I probably have over 500 logins for websites now, and bullshit corporates dont understand how them creating more of them for me to fill in is not aiding anyone, its just more bullshit to chew on, and slows down the computing experience in general to a virtual crawl.

mozilla should not agree to act as go between in providing bad flash installers onto machines ?