Time for humanity to reach nearest possibly habitable planet

Current Nearest possibly habitable planet other than in our solar system.

A: 20.3 light years away

current fastest record for spacecraft velocity :

A: 150,000 mph

the speed of light : roughly 186,000 miles per second

to get our fastest spacecraft speed into the same units of seconds, as the speed of light : (150,000mph ÷ 60) ÷ 60) =

A: 41.6 miles per second is the fastest an unmanned human spacecraft has ever travelled.

Dividing the speed of light in miles per second, by our fastest speed in miles per second.

186,000 mps ÷ 41.6 mps = we currently are able to travel in space 4471.15 times slower than the speed of light.

so how long would it take to travel one way to a star 20.3 light years away ?

4471.15 × 20.3 light years = 90,764.345 years to reach a solar system only 20.3 light years away at a speed of 150,000 mph ?

ok lets enhance that situation by saying theyre might be a habitable planet in nearby alpha centauri 4.3 light years away were still talking.

4471.15 × 4.3 = 19,225.945 years of travel

to make this alpha visiting journey even a 100 year project would involve travelling at a velocity of 7998 miles per second which with accelerating and breaking slowly would no doubt involve going at some speeds faster than that at some point.

basically at a speed of 28,792,000 mph, anyone fancy manouevering at that speed ? through small but hard particles perhaps, the vaporiastion shield and random rock avoidance technology’s would have to be very very very advanced to say the least, steering manually might be out of the question.

being that the speed of light in mph is 6,69,600,000 mph.

and that in a year light travels 5 trillion 865 billion 696 million miles.

you can kind of see that travelling, just one light year is the kind of distance that means unless the LHC discovers something as yet incomprehensible, life is too separated by space to meet up, outside our solar system with current our understanding of science in relation to speed and distance travelled.

id be interested to hear anyone elses view on this