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This form just lost the words ive been typing for the last 20 mins ? Grr

As a person who has had a subscription to the printed version of Macuser, I have a few question and suggestion RE Zinio, prior to buying a subscription

(1) As a person who has stacks of old printed Macuser magazines taking up precious spacein my life, I can ill afford, I would to a large extent wish to convert these printed versions into their digital equivalents, But the price for old issues of £1.87 means it would cost me £46.75 to replace a years worth of old printed issues ? considering a new subscription is £29.99 it seems to me, not a very cost effective way to do this ?

Think also you should have a way of browsing by year and also give a large and increasing discount for purchasing a years back issues at a time, such that the older the issue the deeper the discount ?

Or perhaps as a bonus for current subscribers the ability to download old issues beyond a certain age for free ?

Perhaps a discount for buying in amounts of 6 and 12 back issues at a time etc ?

This would seem to make marketing sense to me compared to charging £1.87 per older back issue as this doesn’t provide me with a cost effective way of converting my old back issues into its digital equivalent ? you might say there would be little demand ? but if feel if such offers were made apparent and obvious to the users of your website on arrival when investigating a particular magazine, with slogans such a s convert those dusty magazine and free up space ? etc

(2) when browsing back issues on the website prior to purchase you need to provide a way selecting particular years issues etc as at the moment I just have x number of pages in chronological order etc, not very sophisticated sorting.

(3) Question how searchable are the magazines presumably they’re not just static jpeg style encrypted PDF’s etc i can search for content ?

(4) Have the adverts been removed on the back issues ? or is this a selectable option with in the Zinio viewer for non current issues ? AS stale deals and offers aren’t something i desire to browse after the event ?

(5) are the text elements in the magazine proper vector artwork or are the pages essentially jpeg’s with limited resolution and heavy file sizes ?

(6) This – “how can we improve” box I wrote into on the survey form has a line wrap wider than the form box itself meaning im having to do crazy sideways scrolling back and forth just to see what i’ve written, please fix this.

(7) In the future the current disadvantage between the printed version and the zinio version of – ‘no covermounts’ needs to be addressed, does or will zinio have support to link to a portion of a zinio or amazon S3 server space that means covermount disk images can be downloaded ?

(8) I like to manage currently my epub and pdf media through Itunes how does or can zinio integrate with that ?

(9) What noticeable effect of DRM is there ? is there a slowdown in any way?

(10) Beyond a certain age of back issue of a magazine is the DRM removed ?

if you insist I can send you photographic evidence of these stacks of printed magazines cluttering up my life ? Ive spoken to Macuser about the problems i talk about in point 1 above, these kinks in digital magazines subscriptions need to be ironed out, although I dont think apples newstand isn’t much of a solution either as apple have decided to take too large a percentage on that one, kind of crippling it imo price wise, but we will see.