Rules : re Stone Roses reunion my thoughts

1: Only Tour if Ian Browns voice has got better at performing the repertoire compared to how it was toward the end of the stone roses ?

2: Theres no point going back on the road to flog the songs like dead horses > for money, if good equivalence can’t be made to the original sound otherwise you will be damaging the reputation of the music.

3: Do it if you can re-capture the spirit of the group, there’s nothing worse than mid forties types prancing around damaging their own legacy, pretending their still in their prime, do justice to your youth.

4: do the songs with love for them, have full practice concerts until you perfect your sound within a venue, and have some trustworthy people in the audience who are gonna tell you right what needs to happen to the sound to get it right, dont trust old ears.

5: Play the under-exposed killer tracks, to satisfy the fans before moving onto new material, so as to re-establish your strength with the audience, tenderly does it.

Having looked at the press conference, i’m prepared to give them the full benefit, after all theyre also older and wiser, they alll seem to be chipping in, no-one is having to forceful a personality, johns a bit quiet but he seems in the game, could be good they look alright healthwise which means they can probably still do it, apart from mani but mani has always had a touch of the ill about him, thats normal mani :)