share prices and house price falls

Why does a homeowner or a shareholder conclude than when the price of such commodities they own decline from they’re highs that they have somehow made a loss ? regardless of a what price they bought a commodity at ?

on the 30th of december 1997 apples share price was $12.75 no-one who owns apples shares from such a time, has a right to imagine that the losses that occurred post their gains after initial purchase is somehow they’re loss, the shareholder class are parasitic on the energy of those who innovate and push humanity forward, they have a value to foster innovation with investment, but theyre part in the affair overall, should not be over-estimated.

royal mail price rises, shooting themselves in the foot to shore up a pensions pot that employees themselves arent paying enough into …

post office 60p first class stamp

we would be good if it were to support an efficiency drive through using technology with royalmail.

we all know this is to fill the public sector employees underfunded pension blackhole, the employees did’t pay enough of a share in, to justify the size of the pension they wanted, this price rise will help fill the pensions black hole and drive some custom away, it just wont improve the service enough to help them survive in the future efficiently, it will make selling online even more expensive and will kill private ebay sales which are already suffering because of the associated costs of doing so including post.