High maintenance women the definition

High Maintenance women tend to :

1: Spend more than the relationship can afford monetarily jeopardising its overall security, and confuse monetary expenditure and material things as directly equatable tokens of love, chinese culture also for instance often acceptably perceives monetary expenditure as a sign of love.
2: tend to be very worried about how other people ecternal groups perceive the relationship/family, and are obsessed with keeping up appearances at the cost of the relationship very often.
3: tend to be jealous very easily
4: tend to use the love they do put in, as a tool of manipulation within the relationship to control ower in their favour
5: Tend to throw a wobbly any time the lovers attention diverts to anything other than them, ie if you spend to much or any time even with friends or family or even children, they start throwing a hissy fit.
6: tend to be incapable of seeing whats good about the relationship and being satisfied with it, and the small blessings blessings and qualities within it until the relationship is already irreparably broken
7 Tend to have very high expectations and very low tolerance of behavioural patterns different to their own narrow beliefs.
8: Tend to enduce unecessary amounts of stress into almost every situation, as though they thrive of the stuff ?
9: Tend to throw a hissy fit and prefer to live in denial when confronted with a truth they dont like.

That to me is your … full on … High Maintenance woman