Dennis Ritchie Inventor of C dies : and he should be remembered in the same breath as Tim Berners Lee and Steve Jobs

Dennis Ritchie the inventor of the C programming language and a major player in the invention of UNIX has passed away, The significance of the invention of C alone cannot be underestimated, It is probably the most widely used programming language in the world and almost everything that happens on any device your using, will involve C in its creation from a software programming perspective. He is probably more important than steve jobs and Tim berners Lee combined, but because programming is less recognisably sexy than the internet or an ipad by the general public, and Dennis’s decency of nature meant he was quieter than steve jobs would have been about his invention, he will be less memorialised than most icons of the computer age, and this post is here to remind people that he should be remembered in the same breath and thought of having the same stature as the other well known icons of the digital era.

How many lines od C or C++ code exist in the world no-one knows, and its such a difficult task to estimate that I doubt anyone has ever tried to even attempt an estimate ?