sheffields park hill estate KNOCK IT DOWN ! and build something better

park hill morbid uncivilised rabbit hutch egg box crate

keeping the original framework/bones of the building is just a joke, regardless of it’s infamous negative iconic history the building should be demolished, it was built as rabbit hutches for poor people without examining the space a human being needs to live in to feel civilised, and new dwellings created within that framework will create uncivilised lives. Knock the crap down and stop pandering to the ego’s of aging modernist architects who failed culture and are attempting to immortalise for the sake of their egos the cheaply produced crap they knocked out which is sadly the legacy of their shitty careers.

The problem with building anything better today, is that all architecture students are converted into modernist perverts before they’re allowed to practice or interact with the world. The disease is passed from one contaminated mind to another, Architects and designers today have no solidarity with the public, who put up with their disasters, their in the pay of developers, they get their over priced percentage based project profit, theyre masters have one interest money and profit, design is secondary to acheiving those first two perogatives, architects and designers can afford to waste their time deciding which italian / german taps will complement their stone surfaces in their modernist detatched dream house, whilst they employ a million foriegn student trainee’s to satisfy their other dream of engineering a culture of foreign loving internationalist roll necked sweatered ego’s. Who roam around europe working out the solution to rich peoples whims, whilst building ever decreasing in size dwellings, in euro industro park toy town housing schlock in cad programs for the commoners to live in, and the rules fundamentally, lead to crowding more people into less space ! thats not design its a human disaster ? without much hope or end in sight. Whats the ratio of detatched family homes being built over the years ? compared to say blocks of flats however tweely disguised, a declining one I would suggest. And notice how whenever any complaint is levelled about this, the excuse is always being given of cost ? AS though money is the prime perogative of all things, being fiscally prudent is one thing but non tangible money should never dictate the rate of human development or design evolution, because expensive material use is one thing, but better ideas dont necessarily take more time to think up than bad ones, and therefore should not cost more? Notice the only people who benefit from the extortionate rise in property values are developers and those property speculators with multiple homes already on the market. Screw these people, may the rot in human social isolation we allocate for those who demonstrate low moral responsibility towards their fellow brethren so as to line their own pockets with money all the better.

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