Peter Hitchens – a great man

The truth spoken is a beautiful thing its like an opening a window and breathing in fresh air.

Wow what of breath of fresh air, thank you peter for speaking up, the truth so clearly spoken is a beautiful thing, the truth is all humans beings compete for resources and assertion of their own cultural tenets and free flowing immigration always leads to pressure first on those natives who struggle, their culture is affected first, usually the poor or more specifically often the non claiming poor, and as this 40 year period of unprecedented mass immigration has rolled ever onward, that pressure has spread up the classes, The day that pressure and cultural change finally affects the wealthy powerful elite in their ivory castles or touches the chipping norton set, will be too late and already is for the majority or people, immigration has irrevocably and permanently altered britain’s culture and at many times not in positive ways, Non integrative immigration does nothing but fracture further the unity of this isle.

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