OS footpath dataset govt

This argument is as old as the hills and full of greedy behaviour.1 The Ordnance survey data , in its inception though founded by royal charter and even today funded by council planning , when theyre funding is traced back, it fundamentally stems in one way or another from the general publics purse, this is fundamentally “our data” regardless of how they would like to couch copyright issues and fundamentally we still as individuals dont have access to it, of course commerical use should be paid for, though difficult to restrict if personal use were free, but basically we want our data, maybe it should be done that they release all data that is older than 10 years that way we would get nearly all footpath data and pubs etc without affecting there current business in planning data as that needs to be up to date, to take into account modern developments. At the moment we are left in a situation in which ordinary people in openstreetmap are remapping all the stuff that has already been mapped by the OS, which is ridiculous.2 What we fundamentally need as individuals is access to the footpath and hostelry data for free on digital handheld devices, as this would make walking these footpaths for the average person much more feasible, this i currently not possible, The Os charge for this data in the form of maps.3 AN iphone can store 64gb of data, I want 1:10,000 the whole country on my handheld device at my disposal and I dont see why they balk at the idea, the data they have released into the public domain deliberately didnt include footpath data or pub locations and much other stuff, basically making it useless from a walkers perspective.4 The OS and the councils and copyright issues are both standing in the way of human progress, by artificially limiting this data.5 We want openstreetmap to be given OS data at 1:10,000 for the whole country in kml format, at least we could guarantee that they as a body wont try and screw us for our own data as theyre remit is for open data and always will be.

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