No she not a spy, shes alledgedly just “immature, calculating, emotional and self-centred young woman” according to the trial. classic …

Katia Zatuliveter age … 26

aide ? to

Mike Hancock MP age … 65

according to the telegraph :

“Katia Zatuliveter, 26, had affairs with Mike Hancock, a member of the defence select committee, and with a Dutch diplomat, a German Nato official and a UN worker.”

hmm that’s one way to stay in the country sleep with a 65 year old politician . . . . and a whole collection of older powerful burocrats.

“Miss Zatuliveter, who is being represented by a media handler and is expected to sign an exclusive deal to sell her story, said: “I feel fine. I am very happy, incredible relief. My parents are ecstatic.”

yes im sure they are ecstatic about who theyre daughter has been sleeping with ? all quotes referenced from these two articles :

Read more:
and here

wow shes such a moral human being ? Katia It’s so grim having to climb that greasy corrupt morally bankrupt political pole, but I guess your prepared to.

she said of the older men >

“She also appreciated their “humour, sophistication and kindliness,” the panel said. A personal diary included “excruciating detail” about her attempts to ensnare men and revealed she was an “immature, calculating, emotional and self-centred young woman”.”

the truth will out …

Great another useless contribution to the people that we allow to stay resident in this overly liberal culture.

MP Hancock – you sir are a truly predictable 65 year old man > GROW UP > and stop having women 39 years your junior who work for you ? and concentrate on the job at hand that portsmouth needs you to get on with !

“They said Mike Hancock, the Lib Dem MP for Portsmouth South, who appeared to mix with glamorous Russian and Ukrainian women and was supportive of the Russian government “would have been of long-standing interest to one or more Russian intelligence agencies.”
This liberal certainly does like immigration, especially when it get him access to young female russian ones to play around with, Mike . . . . christ you make politics look grimey. hopegully you can climb back into obscurity.

Christ and my day has been disturbed by the furtive goings on between a 65 year old liberal idiot and a needy for fathering insecure political sugardaddy pole climber, god why do I now feel the need to vomit and a general hatred for the continuingly corrupted behaviour of the 60’s generation ?

Her sister and brother-in-law, with whom she lived in Bradford, did not accept her relationship with Mr Hancock but the panel said: “However odd it might seem, she fell for him.”

“Miss Zatuliveter said afterwards that she was “very happy” with the decision and her parents were “ecstatic.” Her tearful sister, Polina, who lives in Chorley, Lancashire, rushed from the court room to ring them when the judgment came through.”

and Polina her sister of course magically by chance just happens as well to be living in the good old UK, because the UK border is effectively non existent ! and half run by naturalised immigrants allot of the time ? bloody bullshit this country is degenerating into, and this story evidence of it.

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