move the immovable object without any force ? DOH !

UN to probe ‘beating’ of deported Iraqis by UK staff

they had to use force to get them to return to and live in their own country ? yep to right they did ! what do you think asking them nicely works ?

Lets abstract the situation :

lets say I dont want to do something, and I know somebody wants me to do something ? yet I know that they will never use force to make me do something ? How the hell do you think those somebodys will make me do Anything ?

The truth is the border agency people do have the right, to the use of some proportional force , otherwise how the fuck else do you think they can defend our borders ? with a wishing stick ? and a few crossed fingers ? grow up !

I admire the fact that we still have some people working in the UKBA who are prepared to risk losing their jobs, to make sure the job is done, and done right ie when peoples cases have failed and they are adjudged to be sent back, they are actually sent back, these staff should be applauded and not harassed by UN quango twats with the possibility of cases against them. The UN have tried to solve allot of problems around the world, but allot of the time they haven’t really aided these problems.

Thank god I praise them, otherwise the general world population will always see britain as a soft target for immigration and asylum, and until they dont we will always have a problem with immigration.

Oh and if you think im a little strong : read this and I quote from the BBC site :

“There have been no returns to Iraq since 2008 and this would have been the first return to the capital city since the start of the Iraq war in 2003. ”

ie any fucking iraqi who got on a plane and came to britain since 2008 has not been sent back and has lived at the tax payers expense, theyre also entitled to grants to setup businesses on return to Iraq if they volunteer for the “Voluntary Assisted Return and Reintegration Programme” ie tax payers money is being spent to help Iraqi’s setup business or recieve training ? wtf why the Hell is that money not being spent on the equally fucked disenfranchised youth of this country to enable them to recieve training ar assistance in setting up a business.

our love of helping foreign people as per usual goes to far. and well you may wonder why just our government national debt increases by £353,400,000 daily !!!!!!! (PSDN).

The times of peace love and fing harmony to all our over, if this country doesn’t knuckle down and concentrate on its own issues were doomed, unless of course the concept of money itself is abandoned in 10 years time ?

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