local and non local ? turkish murder

In this tragic murder the two victims were locals according to the ‘bbc’s’ video report, sahin and gol are both turkish surnames, local in this sense means that Mr Gol described as a “Turkish National” (no doubt one not destined for a less tax diminishing “turkish national prison” due to his human rights being infringed ?) who couldn’t speak english recently arrived in marriage to the daughter of mrs Sahin. This is really from a nationality perpsective, some recently naturalised turkish people murdered by a non naturalised turkish person, this use of the word “locals” by the bbc is the typical liberalist apologetic falling over themselves to deny the concept on british nativity claptrap, by proclaiming that all people living in britain with permanent right to remain are somehow as “native english” as native can possibly mean ? this is offensive to my sense of nationailty ? Holding a british passport may make you british in a technical sense, but it does necessarily make you british in a cultural sense, wherever Mr Gol comes from culturally, he obviously considers it ok to murder your wife and her mother.

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