Film Review : Palindromes

A complex and bizzarre film, anti/pro abortion film elements, just plain weird, a film in which their feels little moral resolution, admirable in this respect and its attempted scope, certain characters appear played by several different characters, perhaps like 3/5 characters intertwining down a plughole into the same moment and role, intersposing their appearances, hinting toward similar internal themes of the character that are more important than the physical appearances of the actors.

To eventually tie together such that all the characters become one, in almost visually physical way highlighting that the main themes the characters have in common weigh more than their differences either physical or emotional, certainly when naked and stripped to the basic elements of our core behaviour and hopes, but will this film give you any greater understanding ? perhaps highlighting how visual identification within current cinema of individual characters with seperate roles preys to heavily on our imagination, is perhaps more an allusion projected by us and re-affirmed mainly by our prejuducial view on appearances.

A good lesson on how embedded sight and character identification work within the mind. Worth watching, if only for the sensation of being confused by the character/role collision that occurs, which highlights how valid thoughts can be put accross, even when allot of the central character rules of film-making are being broken.

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  1. Makes me imagine the possibility of the film where identical dialog was played out 7 different ways, but the words being identical was thrown on its head by the situation and roles in which they were being said, im sure its possible for the same dialog to have utterly different meaning.

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