iphoto cd burn format

The iphoto burn CD format is non standard rubbish, burn’t a cd from iphoto the other day to check some erratic resuts one of my client’s was getting, I thought iphoto adhered to some open standard photo cd format, the answer is it doesnt ! Apple have some kind of weird monster iphoto only format ! GREAT ! I want to send some photos to someone on PC and they have a great deal of difficulty in dealing with the CD format. whats the solution ?
Apple should build two extra preference choosable Photo CD formats within the burn options immediately.

1. Standard kodak Photo CD format.
2. The Jpgs burnt purely as files with previews to a cross platform pc/mac/unix format burnt disk ie iso 9660.

The standard iphoto format burn at the moment is usefull for moving sections of one library to give to another iphoto library but thats it.

Of course there are solutions, export then finder burn etc, but this is a faff, and if iphoto is about ease of use it should be deal with sending images to something other than just iphoto.

Simple thinking, but amazing how wrong people who write software can get things sometimes.

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