imac amd 6970m performance

ok lets make this clear mobile versions of graphics can in no way be compared to desktop version of similarly named cards, on average they are at east half the power of their desktop equivalents especially when packed into compact enclosusres, all in one computers and and laptops.

for the record 3d mark vantage for the 6970m is : 11,573
3d mark vantage for the 6970HD desktop card is : 23,499

truth is that AMD are classically deceptive equal to most graphics card manufacturers re their mobile graphics card model numbering, the 6970m is in fact based on the desktop HD 6850 graphics card, which is what makes laptop cards so confusing as in fact they often take the name of a high end desktop card slap an M on it and then use a lower power version of an older desktop card to provide the guts/blue print for the new high end mobile card, so often theyre unrelated to the card there named after.

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