Emily Dickinson Photo Enhancement Retouch Restore

found some Emily Dickinson photos online, and decided to do her a photo enhancement worthy of one of my favourite poets. Heres the result in full colour followed by the source.

The following is the original source photo
original source material

emily dickinson photo enhancement restoration retouch

3 thoughts on “Emily Dickinson Photo Enhancement Retouch Restore

  1. The color is wrong. Her hair was a reddish color, also her skin was very pale. But it’s nice to see some color in it. It looks stange with the flowers and the dress blue as well. Just my opinion.

  2. brad I’m not really sure I have any rights to do such a thing, obviously the colour restoration is my art work, but the reference photo is not, as such knowing american culture I would probably get my ass sued to knackery if i sold you a print by the “amherst college archives and special collections”, its best probably not to sell you a print, its amazing how when people die other people unrelated seem to profit endlessly off those who were unrecognised in their own lifetime. Van Gogh being the ultimate case in point. I suppose I could communicate with them about it but that would probably turn into some protracted and useless money orienated debate, im afraid I dont have much experience to re-affirm any positiivity in such a scenario.

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