Britain effectively ceased to exist as a soverieign entity on the 10th Dec 1991

Britain effectively ceased to exist as a sovereign entity on the 10th Dec 1991, with the signing of the Maastricht treaty, do not delude yourself otherwise, no country which cannot control which persons can enter its borders has control of their own country or any real sense of self determination. Britain was only great when is was sure of its own identity, and was culturally unified in purpose. Our overpopulated isle and your future native progeny are now fully exposed to competition with 800 million people, whose cultures maybe more agressive selfish and less civilised than your own.

This is disregarding the impact of the era of global mass immigration external to the EU into the UK over the last 40 years we have been living under the kosh of, that has compounded the struggling native englishmans situation further.

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