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I worked in Mcd’s as a student for a period, I understand your issues with some customers playing wiseass. I think we can all agree in chris rocks definition of nigger here. People with an attitude problem trying to cause trouble for their own advantage, childish really. Sympathy goes out to you for dealing with this stuff, stay strong.

I was in a mcdonalds in Clapham Junction London, and a customer ahead of me in the line, was a white 12 year old kid, Im not joking when I say this kid was acting in conjunction with another 12 year old kid, exactly like a nigger, swear to god this kid was acting like he was a 30 year old gangsta, deep out a compton, cussing, swearing, waiting 30secs for his food and then asking the adult chinese worker student behind the counter where his order was at and trying to hurry her etc like she was his personal bitch or something, the language was awfull, insulting and rude, with a total lack of respect for another human being, he was a bling chav, benefits paid for, estate house paid for delinquent hoodrat or as I think sums it in this case a “wigger” (white nigger) man there are allot in london, what parenting he’d had wasn’t sufficient.

So I picked him up on it for the counter persons sake and honour, as she was just taking it swallowing and saying nothing. As I know what its like the other side of the counter, i couldnt stand by and watch it, I almost ended up in a fight with two twelve year old kids, who barely had hair on their balls, but seriously somebody had to do something, because in the culture were living in today, everybody just stands by and let this kind of behaviour slide, and its the short road to cultural decay.

People say children dont emulate what they see and hear on the media, this kid was a clone of every bad rolemodel he had seen on Mtv. I mean, it’s not like theres a manual on every kids shelf, thats says Ten rules to master being a complete wigger, … No Its emulation, or misinterpretation as im sure many a rap star might plead, as they are driven to the airport in a mercedes. This bling attitudinal gangsta mentality thing, is just another form of abuse, the poor aspirational feeding of the greater poor, selling them a lifestye and personality thats down the swanney, so they can acrue funds for an execessive monetarist materialist life, when capatilsm really means there will never be equality and only a few will be happily off, but truthfull moral behaviour or honourable conduct costs nothing is of real value yet is not being encouraged society wide in any way, so its not surprising we no longer see it amongst us.

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