Whats really ill with the american culture

The liberty of people as you talk of and written in the constitituion, was what was hijacked in spirit by the capitalist corporate side of america as a written instruction as if ordained by the goverment that they the corporate world had the liberty to behave in ultimately selfish immoral ways against the people and nations as a whole destroying democracy in the process, and setting up of a hypercapitalist fascist state run for the benefit of the few, and now it appears they have control of and are financially backed by a freely open and rapeable public purse. The greedmongers finally got burnt and they want daddy to bail em out, cause they threaten the populace with recession like its their power to bring it upon you. IF the recession comes it will be the needed hangover to pay for the 30 years of immoral government, operating a fantaserial imprudent fiscally unsound policy : take the hit, its the only way back to solid ground, remove this shower of shit and shallow humanity you have as representatives for your culture, Institute process to guarantee the quality of people that can get to play at governing you. This problem is the world over, we just bailed out a bank here in the UK with the public purse “Northern Rock” they should have let them swing for their fiscal inprudence, but no we won’t let the banks learn their lessons, it should not have happened, but we the tax payer get no vote on the matter, gordon brown is like bush just on businesses side. Half the company hes gonna help bailout are related him his familys and buddys in one way or another.

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