Total UK Public Purse refinancing of bad private debt (Disguised as Nationalisation)

Brown why are you calling taking the taxpayer taking on responsibility for bad private debt … …Nationalisation ? when it isnt because all the profitable parts of the companys are being given freely or sold for chicken feed to foreign countrys companys … Santander etc.

Total debt assumed by Taxpayer so Far :

Northern Rock : £100 billion (£3600 for each person in the country)
and thats the least of it read this article to be horrified as to how messy banks have been running their affairs.

Bradford and Bingley : £50 billion (£1800 for each person in the country)
liable to be much more and Banco Santander, the Spanish bank that owns Abbey just picked up : , has bought the £20 billion deposit business and the network of 200 branches probably worth in the region of 100 million in themselves, for 612 million pounds, So im guessing 512 million has been paid to bring 20 billions worth of deposits onto their accounts, perhaps they need deposits ? thats a bit like being loaned 20 billion at 2.5% interest rate.

Total So Far :
£150 billion (£5400 of personal debt for everyone in the country)
we have already agreed to deal with this !!!!!!!
whilst he has passed off the more profitable parts to foreign companys someone go shoot brown

This guy does not need to be in charge of the economy he’s allowed half these disasters to occur by allowing the banks to practically regulate themselves, and in the process is trying to clear them up at our expense … ridiculous … hes saddling us with debt that will depress the economy for a decade.

This is the hangover for the cocaine fuelled financial gamblers/bankers who’ve personally done very well out of the proflegate and fiscally imprudent unregulated era, theyve now got a load of bad chips on their hands to dispose of, from encouraging people to borrow money so they can dis-enfranchise the non house owning set even further, and those that should regulate the economics of the country have been letting them gamble imprudently in this manner, now the games is to be paid for, this syndicate of gamblers cant find anyone who will lend them to keep playing(no interbank lending), So now they palm the cost of the gambling to the average saving taxpayer who wasn’t even in the game and may not even own a house, and was in fact being destroyed by the game anyway. This is just more evidence if any were needed of the criminal nature of society.

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