Thunderbolt Adoption

take some of that cash mountain stop wasting it on shareholder paybacks and pile it into subsidizing the adoption of thunderbolt as a standard and make it happen as a standard ?! is not rocket science make a loss on it so the standard gets adopted ? sony did it with bluray initially, you may have to do the same, people need large fast storage ie 3tb drives running as fast externally as they do internally on a sata chain, and the cost of an external thunderbolt case should cost no more than £20.00 extra price wise than a USB3 equivalent equivalent hard drive. get to scale with it ? to get costs down for third party people adding thunderbolt to an external mechanical hard drive that can run at 1.5gbps or 150MB’s a sec max anyway, should only add £30.00 to the hard drive cost as thats all the benefit it offers from a financial perspective compared to USB3 ? from the purchasers perspective. we aren’t all millionaires with apple shares and bonus etc. so we can afford to add £200 to a device worth £100 in order to have thunderbolt on it.

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