the self love cult, of the banker elites :

the self love cult of the banker elites :

Once ive worked out which bank to move to, to take my deposits, i shall be moving, barclays are just more evil in the world, and average salary at barclays capital of £234,000. thats for a staff of 28,400 investment bankers. so lets read that clearly they have a wage bill alone for people who gamble in the markets of 6,645,600,000, these people are lining their pockets by playing the financial systems, thinking that this money doesn’t come from somewhere, they’re not printing money, they’re trading of the fortunes of business and thereby peoples energys who actually do something, they’re the kind of people who will offer you less than 1% interest on a positive balance and then ask for 18% or more apr.

the problem is that people don’t understand that the deposits and banking arms of banks now represent so little of what they are about, they have used the depositors money of yester-year to extrapolate themselves into their own private wealth gambling scenario, that is now unbounded except by rules they invent themselves, and governments well they just have to kiss the banks asses, because when you’re 4.8 trillion pounds in debt as an entity and most of that to such banks what choice do you have but to nod when they say they have reduced the bonuses even though they have quite plainly gone up ? and the article isn’t even complaining about wages or salary’s its upset about the ratio between dividends and pay.

there isn’t even anyway the article above can try to dress down the obvious obscenity in pay, I do not believe they have 28,400 hyper talented people working for them who are deserved of such a reward, and if they do they should not be wasting they’re time making the barclay’s corporate entity richer, they should doing something to make sure humanity doesn’t go down the plughole.

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