The propogation of the idea that borders are bad

reddit rests its hat on the partisan binary use of trite wit and not balanced argument

F**k Borders ey – ? John Lennons “imagine” as he clearly suggests in his own lyrics, makes him a dreamer, No borders means – no sovereignty, means no cultural self determinism, means no natives, and eventually no identifiable meaningful cultural differentiation, except for a few dances for the tourists, ask how the native indian population would be without the mild respite of reservations and lands ? where giant international corporations get to move the cheapest most pliable labour forces and migrate them to where they wish to conduct they’re business, admittedly merica was founded on immigration in its modern sense, & can never shirk that statement, but imposing such ideologies on other nations is another matter, I for one quite clearly realise that a borderless world, could lead to the most depressing form of consumer based totalitarianism human history could have ever imagined, the world run by corporations for they’re benefit, and people just an abused permanently en-debted labour force within it for the sake of a roof and food to survive, democracy effectively a spineless mirage to distract the masses, some say were already there. Give the immigrant three generations and see what he thinks of the border then.

The Mastricht Treaty in 1992 combined with schengen in 1995 effectively dissolved european borders and effectively by implication sovereignty and national self determinism also, all of this done without resort to a referendum for all but three of the european nations populations involved, that was the turning point, ask europeans how they feel about it now and you will discover there average citizen who struggles has become worse off, Europe is run by the germans for the germans, there is almost complete economic dis-harmony between the nations, that isn’t what Churchill imagine when he created its predecessor the EEC for trade, had he realised it would eventually end up dissolving sovereignty, he would be appalled, as it would have undone his prior defence of britains sovereignty.

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