Text selection and copy past in iOS 8 safari = god awful and flakey

If they can sort the god awful text selection issues in safari and flakey as anything copy and paste while there at it that would be good, should never have been released in the state its in. If theres text on my screen that is not a bitmap image > I expect to be able to select and copy it If I wish, and with a single tap selecting a word, a double tap being a line, and triple tap being a paragraph, that text selection analogy has been around since forever – quark did it – no doubt some muppet of a company has patented it up the wazoo or something, because the american patent office will let you patent the sky practically.

Once upon a time … they’re was no ability to patch post release – so software had to be written 5 times better in the first place, as the commercial repercussions of releasing schonky software were serious, now even apple throw stuff out the door on the basis they can patch it afterwards and sometimes the updates don’t even correct the bugs or worse they brick your device, my iphone was fine from the shop and bricked as soon as i updated it at home, sometimes your left waiting a year for pretty obvious bugs to be fixed, more importantly is that they release patches that are worthy of the word that really fix the issues and in a timely manner.

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