speculative behaviour in its unfettered form is a cancer on society

speculative behaviour in its unfettered form is a cancer on society nought more than putting 200 dollars on red the end of the spin and the the week its worth 900 dollars, that has to be the ultimate speculators currency, and where ultimate speculation runs, misery is soon to follow either for the investor or those who suffer the consequences of it. For instance with bitcoin, being that its based ultimately on speculative belief in its value, and that value thats invested in it is taken from some other token of value and placed in bitcoin instead, in that sense they’re are the losing currencies, who value is stripped form them to fund it, the problem being that those established currencies are already weak, pure speculation where the value of something multiplies by a factor of 4 in a week without in any way having reduced entropy in the human world in any useful way, are exactly that speculative currencies behave like and are therefore easily recognisable, And if governments don’t reign in or control such speculation in society it will ultimately erode at the hard won spine of steady measured fiscal prudence, which is already battered enough and destroy the non speculators and small savers value. Unfettered speculation is a cancer if we don’t limit it, the world will be full of gibbering morons just waiting for the next crap to speculate on.

stock market speculators casino table

One commentator was heard to state as observed by dailyfinance.com :

“People have to separate the economy from the stock market,” Ed Butowsky, managing partner of ChapwoodFinance.com in Dallas, said.

In other words as I have suspected for some time the stock market has little relationship to reality or the state of the economy its a gambling table detached from reality or the state of the economy. the gamblers have no need to know of the state of the economy or the general population, in assessing the value of their fictional commodities, it’s based on how many people they can sucker into playing their imaginary game read usually large ignorant institutional investors, after all … they have a billionaire row lifestyle to maintain and if you cant achieve such earnings when being connected to reality then the best thing to do is to detach from it entirely. And get back to the game you do know, inventing and imagining vast profits in computers containing numbers on a screen for vast half fiction financial entities. And then converting them into tangible real assets so that when the shit inevitably hits the fan, you got yourself covered because you converted it into land, property or businesses that do something substantial.

The real con revolves around peddling something of low value as something of high value two one investor and also selling your end of the deal, responsibility wise for the first transaction as another credible form of investment to a second investor, ultimately having detached yourself from responsibility for the transaction entirely, and then quickly converting both the peoples money into a diverse range of much more solid tangible forms of investment. And then when discovered persuading your friends in power to bail you out of the situation with more mugs money (read … taxpayers) whilst you golden parachute out into tangible fat house and investments to sustain you in old age, the financial markets are little more than a criminals legal paradise or even worse consolidate the value of the phantom investments / cons with taxpayers money.