Shale Gas Fracking in Britain

Anybody who thinks there are few consequences to this is deluding themselves, and the idea we will do it better ? its the same damn companies, with the same shareholders to please ? its rubbish, the only ones to benefit will be the companies there shareholders the landowners and the small number of employees, the general public will see little benefit, they cant guarantee what will happen to the water supply if they get it wrong, they dont fully understand how as yet undiscovered pre-existing geology may interact with this drilling, we aren’t getting any better guarantees than america this a desperate attempt to garner energy so as to not face the idea this island might be at capacity in terms of people and providing energy for them, the greenhouse effect from methane pollution is far worse than carbon pollution, methane is 20 times more greenhouse effective than carbon dioxide ?, if methane continuously leaks into natural cave systems and escapes from a myriad of exits the pollution consequences could be much worse for the environment than imagined. We have no guarantees what chemicals will be in use in all the fluids used ? Fracking is a fiscal steamroller sweeping the globe, we have not got the full cost/loss/benefit analysis.

A school with no english pupils and none whose first language is english

complete government failure over the last 50 years to curb immigration is leading to the removal of native british people from their own culture

And who said the process of invasion hasn’t gone too far ? (sorry immigration) christ its not too do with if your children are academically competitive, whether you try hard etc we under utilise even the average workers intelligence in the uk we dont need intelligence, because we dont have an economy geared to provide it with opportunities or a challenge, what we can offer people in the uk is the smallest dwellings in europe, the longest work hours the highest stress, and increasingly the least culturally cohesive culture in europe, why should the majority even struggle to garner the share of meagre over priced resource available in our culture when even being a millionaire in london is liable to buy you no more than a pokey highly pimped 3 bed flat ? a passport may in the eyes of the government make you technically british, but no lazy burocrat’s pen or stamp can ever make you culturally english at a stroke, perhaps you perceive your economic contribution to be greater ? and that is all the british native is concerned over and garners you a right to remain or if your happier to work for less, live in worse conditions and temporarily provide cheap labour, before inevitably aiming to shove your spawn up the class hierarchy, these corporate entity beneficial qualities in the end ultimately dilute the further the minimum standard of civility and living conditions for those natives near the bottom who struggle, it is necessary for hard limits to be put on immigration just to maintain a sense of unity and a sense of cultural identity within a culture, I personally value cultural identity beyond pure economy & money, its to do with the idea that natives anywhere in the world are not substitutable and completely replaceable in a governments imagination at every turn for cheaper foreign labour or more competitively aggressive individuals from elsewhere.

28 teaching assistants ! wow that sounds like a costly tax expense to accomodate the language differences or are they unpaid volunteers ? its cheaper for us all to speak the same language, the language of this culture … you know … english.

all politicians are two faced and full of shit >

promise 1 from cameron

David Cameron came to power in 2010, promising to cut net migration to Britain to below 100,000, the Home Office’s Border Agency has attempted to make it tougher for Bulgarians to work in the UK.

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quote 2 from cameron

He also said there was ‘no limit’ to the number of Indians who would be allowed to study at UK universities and stay on in graduate-level jobs after they qualified.

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how are these things squared ?

Bloody Locums

nhs is turning to shit
all credit goes to mr bell for this fantastic satirical image

My Finsbury Park surgery experience

1: Appointments only available to book between 9 & 12 am wtf ?
2: The first appointment is in 2 weeks later than the time your ringing
3: The appointment finally arrives you end up waiting 30 minutes beyond your appointment, with a load recent arrivals whove probably got TB, or some such in the waiting room, you get a bloody locum whos just flown in from africa, who wont be there the next time, and is finding any way of fobbing you off and making you go away, so as to lighten his load, and scurry away with the pay.

basically for the most of us its a system that effectively does nothing, especially for things that are subtle and progressive, or they don’t give a crap about like rosacea.

Locums Pirates of the NHS, where do they come from, where do they go. I haven’t seen the same doctor twice in my surgery in the last 9 years. Its always another bloody Locum, with which no relationship can develop, and lets hope all locums are approved by the GMC, the last time I saw an english doctor must be wayback in my childhood. My cynical mind beleives that nearly all doctors are becoming locums, on the basis of less stress and more money, which is why my surgery only seems to be staffed by them. In a way its a way of the public having to pay doctors as though they were all private. The NHS now seems to be a cashpoint for people interested in making money.

Can any body with salient figures highlight the price difference, hourly rate wise between a Locum and a practicing GP.

Survey findings

· Average hourly rate 2005: £76.12 per hour !, up from £63 ! in 2004, 2009 figure who the shit knows !

· 300% difference in rates for two-hour session [£75-£250 per session]

· On-call costs varied from £20 to £50 an hour

· Average mileage up from 60p maximum to 65p

sourced from this website

a scots lady telling us straight about the barrel the NHS is over

Greedy Festivals surprise surprise

V charging people obscenely for programmes, water, alcohol and confiscating alchohol and water on entry, who wants to pay to be a captive market at the mercy of ripoff merchants, its about music if you want to see an artist see them at a venue individually, screw getting ripped off at a festival. The commerciality of this country makes muppets of everyone, my advice ignore the festivals, theres nothing civilised remnant in them. Save your money instead, not that this bankrupt government will encourage you with any reasonable bank of england base rate.