New Apple Mac Pro – My Take

lap It up morons, weve made some especially custom super compact designer apple crap for you, hmm let me see >
Non Standards Adherent – bespoke custom apple nightmare
Surface Mount BGA city – heat death ? 1 chip dies your whole computer is f*d, thats another £1500 logic board please mr customer
Still Using Xeons, the least price efficient form of CPU power clocked at half their 5ghz potential.
BGA twin mobile graphics :( or single X2 desktop card ?
not upgradeable ?
airflow not filtered ?
why is every company trying to kill concept of an open standards based PC ?

looks like their going down a kind of SGI iris style compact designer wastebasket route, what would be revolutionary power wise ? 16 cores at as close to 5ghz as possible, which is the maximal potential of intel’s platform ? but in that thermal envelope its unlikely to get anywhere near it, the only benefit would be if being surface mount everything made it allot cheaper to manufacture, but no doubt since its so custom, it will be vastly more expensive per core than a powerful pc ?

if it is ATI in some form of crossfire, then they will have performance issues with crossfire mode and runt frames no doubt that mac ati driver will have this issue sorted way behind the PC driver.

your PS4 will have faster DDR5 memory

the top spec version wil be £6000 ?

upto 128gb memory

yet the truth is I will probably still be buying one ! hypocrit that I am, as there will be little choice, why ? because dual processor macs aren’t purchasable any other ways, this machines is going to be as usual perversely expensive to fix if anything goes wrong as it looks apple bespoke proprietary custom parts all the way ? each processor board including surface mount CPU ? £800 ? want to open it up into an open hardware standard apple ? … no I didn’t think so.

looks like all mechanical storage will be external if used. doubt it will be overclockable since the thermal solution is fixed.

looks like their custom dual gpu boards with the CPU on the other side of the triangle ? looks like a darth vader r2d2 space heater that will warm a room nicely.

They’ve shaken up PC design perhaps, but since its no doubt all patented up the wazoo and not an open standard it will just be, bleed through the posterior custom expensive.

apple will no doubt come out with a custom thunderbolt raid array to match it ?

upgradeable elements after purchase ? memory and custom design pcie ssd ?