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Lady geek

Sadly there are those people whose talents are so weak they feel the need to Market the abilities they do have through the filter, of the sex or race they were born with ? as the only way to be able to compete with other people, who play on a level playing field and don’t make a deal out what sex they happen to be ! As a marketing tool. Sadly Maggie Philbin seems to be some kind of overt feminist, who thinks women need some specially made and marketed version of everything as though they are breed apart ? as evidenced by her video testimonial for this show (are lady geek and philbin related somehow ?).

What is this program saying ? women need shows made by women because otherwise they will get confused ? admiteadly most of the reviews are so lightweight as to never satisfy men. And the fact they appear to have a sexist employment policy in that just women review the apps, well I didnt think that was allowed in this culture today ? Then other hand why im even fussed to rant about lady geek making her way in the world with whatever methodology of marketing she chooses ? hmm i think its the devisiveness of a show which markets around sexuality ? christ womens magazines are more offensive ? If … ‘I was a woman’ i wouldnt want to be … ‘like men’, as thats seems also pointless, but I dont think I could ever identify with say womans hour either … ( which seems so overtly anti men and wierdly a past it has been 70’s minded feminist tirade ) nor could I ever enjoy womens magazines with their terrible preponderance to dwell on gossip and plebrity bullshit. Real geek women and I know a few (one working in robotics etc) dont feel the need to pigeonhole themselves in this way.

And is there any need for women to create a show manned and staffed by women for women ? Why ? do they think cant they make it in the web reviewing tech industry because of some sexual prejudice ? hmm yes they can make it > as evidenced by all the women doing a great job in the tech review industry ?

mucho respect molly > one of the best truly honest tech reporters, hanging it with boys, an better than them shes got more balls than most in what she says, she’s female tech journalism at its best.

The great Veronica Belmont.
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