Stephen Fry using his fame for a politically active agenda

Dear Stephen much as I did and still do admire your wit at points, your attempt to use your fame to unfairly sway political / societal agenda at every turn in cultures other than your own, and for the seemingly un-ending array of pet causes, I would take the advice of your agent whomever that may or may not be in imagining you may already be over exposed, your are not this ages Oscar Wilde, as a person who believes people of any sexual denomination can be decent people and have rights to their own sexual behaviour within their own home, they do not IMO whether heterosexual or lgbt have the right to shove their sexuality in other people’s faces, as I believe western culture if anything is over sexualised , and the idea of “sexual rights” a rather odd phrase in the sense that society has rarely any way of guaranteeing any rights ? they generally must garner them for themselves, the governments responsibility on the matter is to make clear, and this I think we can agree on . . . active prejudice toward other people of differing sexual orientations LGBT etc is emphatically wrong, to the extent that governments may not by their silence on such matters encourage societal hatred or physical violence toward such groups.

I on the other can also see Russia’s right to say That they do not wish to encourage the idea of allowing the dissemination of literature that biases or encourages minors below the age of 18 to identify with or sway their sexual orientation one way or another, it is also their democratic right as a nation to make such a choice. Sexuality isn’t something people should be encouraging people to make their mind up about, before the age of 18, Secondarily Russians might say that much older wealthy posh gay men from foreign more liberalistic cultures using their fame to try and tell russians how their culture should be, might seem a little arrogant, especially from cultures whose media class in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s seemed to quite extensively provide silent approval of the sexual abuse of minors by much older people. And there are a few words and phrases that describe sexual life stances I would like to discourage, regardless of whether people are heterosexual or lgbt.

Sexual promiscuity and unfaithfulness, this encourages disease transmission and is not to be perceived as good and normal and should not be promoted by any culture imo at the societal level.

Age abusive sexual predatory behaviour from the old and powerful to the younger less powerful members of society.

Prostitution I don’t think I need to describe why ?

Unprotected recreational casual sex between people in short term relationships.

Culture that promotes the casual-isation of sexual activity or the overt sexualisation of people and culture.