share prices and house price falls

Why does a homeowner or a shareholder conclude than when the price of such commodities they own decline from they’re highs that they have somehow made a loss ? regardless of a what price they bought a commodity at ?

on the 30th of december 1997 apples share price was $12.75 no-one who owns apples shares from such a time, has a right to imagine that the losses that occurred post their gains after initial purchase is somehow they’re loss, the shareholder class are parasitic on the energy of those who innovate and push humanity forward, they have a value to foster innovation with investment, but theyre part in the affair overall, should not be over-estimated.

why is OS x mail (SL version) so bloody stupid !!!!! and so bloody slow and un re-installable ? no wonder apples share price is declining despite obscene money making

I’ve just discovered that os x mail app re-rasterises images down, when you attach them on the basis of dpi information within the file that affects what size an image is embedded within a publishing program and throws away any resolution beyond the necessary to render it on screen at its effective print size on the basis of the dpi metatag information in the file.

This is total WANK I want the file when dragged in to come in with all the pixels in the image no discard those beyond the print size as viewed on a screen – you bloody idiots.

why also can I no longer uninstall mail and reinstall it, in my OS without it refusing to delete or ballsing up my mail installation thereafter ? dont embed so deeply into the OS its removal screws shit up ?

pull your fingers out stop messing about, and while your at it fix the new itunes 11 bollocks youve made, and all the other in-numerate crap youve done to balls up Lion and Mountain Lion.