the skinny re the Atari VCS 2600

This machine was the first to really crack home console gaming globally, and set the precedent which is still true with consoles today, that the machine maybe reasonably priced, but to afford to buy the number of games to really show the machine off, would cost you just as much money as the console again, I used to regularly visit a friend of mine who had the original atari heavy sixer VCS, and we had great fun playing the games, though I think he just invited me round to show off his prowess with the games he had mastered ;), I was amazed as to how many games his family seemed to buy for this machine as carts were not cheap. this machine most definitely had the feel of the arcade at home, and its the sounds of this machines games, that to me are most redolent of early gaming. The VCS hit peoples home well before the home micro computer revolution and had full colour gaming with juicy sounds going on, well before the much later 1k ZX81’s home computers B&W efforts. and all this with 128 bytes of memory and maybe a 1 or 2k game rom, incredible.

OS X lion and 2gig memory, terribly slow 4gb should be the minimum

lion is a memory hog and awful when it comes to paging in and out to disk, had a client on a 24″ imac that happened to have 2gb of memory, he got away with that memory spec on snow leopard, on lion his machine was practically unuseable directly after the lion install. client angry and frustrated upgrading to 4gb memory the crappy max on this 24″ imac can take … cheers apple, notebook technology in desktop replacement machines ? ADVICE to all out there make sure your mac has 4gb minimum before installing Lion. The amount of memory safari uses is obscene compared to chrome. and the full screen effects are a waste of bandwidth from a remote support perspective. Apple get worse by the month.

tip for anyone suffering in lion with 2gb ram, run the major memory hogging apps in 32 bit mode (tickbox selectable when “command I”-ing on the keyboard the selected application itself) then restart the program