iTunes fing 11.1

Im getting tired of giving you feedback, because its quite obvious to me you have no f******g concern for the USER or their feedback ! how loudly do I have to say stuff for you to hear it ?
Stop making all your programs undeletable ! if its an application the user should be able to delete it from the GUI FULL STOP !!!! ! I should not have to enter terminal and type crap to delete things otherwise ill use Fing DOS !!!!! – you are not the master of my F*****ing computer – I bloody AM ! if its an essential operating system library file, you might have the right to hide it from the user initially but not make it undeletable, programs should be independent from the OS such that they can be uninstalled and re-installed … OK !? straight forward time tested philosophy there STICK TO IT you morons.
dont try and ratchet your user forward into software choices you imagine are better by pretending itunes library files are so massively incompatible my 10.7 Itunes app saves wont read an 11.1 itl file, if it doesnt, its because your engineers have failed to place the latitude to make the program attempt to load and use what it can recognise in the file format, im sure all its mainly doing, is a version check and baulking at the idea a newer version of the same program sniffed at it, rather than re-writing the entire thing in a new format, This forward ratchet shit is trying to lock me into the bullshit changes your trying to force on users that make me want to vomit.

Can you tell me why my major experience with apple update over the last 6-8 years seems to be losing features I care about and gaining features I couldn’t give a shit for, you failing the first principle, in the sense it not necessary to change everything else just to add additional features or polish old ones, thats the whole point of the word additional ! see adding stuff not taking away stuff ? get it ?

I really do give up with you as I company I really do, your losing your touch completely.

If you dont READ this because of your “BE POLITE” policy, which is really just a vapid excuse for censoring users, you stopped Fing listening to the USER … therefore I’m ANgry and therfore my language is angry ? can you comprehend that or not !

album only tracks in itunes

a little too much “Album Only” on songs in some places were being driven to buy whole albums, ie padded albums like we suffered in the physical era.

if necessary up the price for longer track parts of concept albums, but don’t bind people into buying whole albums ? as per usual apple learn the lesson of “Giving the User control and choice” ?

Tuneup 2.4.2 Now really working much better : Recommend to buy and use advice…

Guys RE the New update to Tuneup 2.4.2 and upwards really is a massive improvement, they have and are listening to feedback and the software is definately getting much better.

WELL DONE TUNEUP coding team :)
I’ve experienced much less lockup and much more control in 2.4.2 and allot of the original complaints ive listed have to some extent been fixed, the software is working much better, and certainly Tuneup is still regardless of it’s issues the best software on the mac at what it does.

The improvements in 2.4.2 are such I now have confidence that Tuneup is now a must buy for those with large incorrectly tagged itunes librarys.

ADVICE re tuneup use for an easier time :
Once you begin to get somewhere with tuneup, correcting ‘albums’ it can clearly recognise first, then working on the remaining proportion with manual oversight and input enables you to get to the point of having things tagged correctly, Tuneup works really well with albums and doesn’t do so well with lone tracks with very little basic tag information ie no artist no album etc so its best to process whole albums first, then work on the harder stuff afterwards and this will get you a large amount of progress, It might take you a little while to get your whole collection done, Tuneup is not fire and forget and nor could you expect it to be really, BUT … doing the task without Tuneup in most cases would be a nightmare.

Tip when cleaning tracks : Continue reading