iphone 4 sony ericsson mw600 bluetooth issues : solution

view the video above to see a good review of the headset which is the best ive used with an iphone 4 though even this has some foibles, but the review above gives some good instruction on use. if you have issues with iphone 4 and a sony ericsson mw600 bluetooth headset involving either the voice control working or ipod controls working but not both : follow these instructions.

on the iphone 4:
goto settings > general > bluetooth >
click the right arrow “>” next to the mw600 and then select forget this device.

on the sony ericson mw600 hold down the power button till the device powers off then hold down the power button once it is off to turn the device back on but hold it down until it goes into pairing mode, spinning arrow.

then on the iphone 4 go back to Continue reading