Apple cost their customers with future compatibility with USB3 delivery 2.5 years late

Apple cost their customers dear with future compatibility with USB3 delivery, as they were 2.5 years late to put it on their computers,

    The USB Promoter Group announced the release of USB 3.0 in ‘November 2008’

, apple had from this moment the opportunity to begin the process of implementing it in its products, the first usb3 peripherals and products shipped in november 2009 and january 2010.

    But the first apple devices to have usb3, came out in June 2012 and the first imacs in october 2012!

    Effectively macs were late to the usb3 party, by 2 and half years by any measure, if not 4 years late from the promotor groups announcement.

USB3 may not be the worlds greatest standard, but it is very cost affective per port compared to apple thunderbolt, which apple pushed in advance of USB3, what do I use my thunderbolt ports for today you might ask ? As little more than fancy DVI outputs ! for two monitors, thunderbolt is overpriced and under-delivering in terms of utility or fruitfulness, except for a high end market that is not representative of many a general ordinary apple consumer, which apple seems to have forgotten.

Add still today in 2017 apple are offering only USB2 on nearly all of their iOS devices! apples lighting port has not been upgraded to USB 3 speeds except I believe for the pro line of ipads!

On USB2 imacs like my mid 2011 you are limited to a maximum of (480 MBps protocol speed) ie around 48 megabytes as second transfers speeds to an iphone via lightning, alternatively over wireless AC regardless of acclaimed headline maximums speeds like 1100 MBps per second from a two foot apart with direct air line of sight best case scenario between devices and router, most people might realistically get around 400Mbps from a wireless AC router, so really still just around 40 Megabytes a second via iTunes wifi syncing might be expected, where as the the storage internal to an iphone 6s plus 128gb can write at over 279 megabytes a second, transferring data from macs to ios devices(except the pro ipad) is therefore inordinately and antiquated-ly slow compared to most android phones.

I feel that much of this is deliberate in that apple don’t really want you transferring data at acceptable speeds between your computer and your iphone, they want you to use it as a media consumption device and to pay for and download everything on your devices from their – cashtill stores. Also their single chip storage designs means that although read speeds with nvme express maybe good on their phones since the 128gb models onwards upto say 1.8 gigabytes a second, until their chips are multi channel or more chips and address lanes are used – write speeds on 128gb models around 270 Megabytes a second- wont match read speeds pace. as single chips designs will always have limited performance unless bespoke designed internally.

iphone 4g no keynote video visible ? thoughts

anyone got the link to the iphone 4g keynote video (comment back), with the stuffup or has it been pulled to protect the overly precious about itself image of apple, by getting rid of an onstage fluff by pulling the video, they’ll use that fluff to make a wifi blackout at newer keynotes be sure, theyll probably start confiscating peoples tech or something before steve gets on stage.

What we do have access to video wise ? is a fucking advert on the apple site (obviously thats a unintentional metaphorical karmic joke representative of apple itself) A new advert has been released we can all lapup like the shmucks we are, with ives and steve and the crew all cooing into cameras and calling it another fucking … “revolution”, i’m begining to get serious marketing fatigue from this shit, god these fuckers need some fucking humilty and a lack of ego for gods sake, or theyll stop fitting through doors, the iphone needs some promotion with a small p and for the rest, it can sell itself, but the marketing onslaught ? which is Steve’s true skill is relentless, it makes me sick. Jonathan Ives in particular, being once upon a time a British person, should show some evidence of reserve in his character, but all he can do is blow Apple corporate cock, because his apples shares value must keep growing and giving him a corporate erection. Soon theyll be dancing onto stage like Balmer in “dance monkey boy dance”, because they know that an incremental upward tick in share value means they can all buy a new prius
for theyre dog or some such tech mad rich guru guff. Oh to have a british technology company to show how you could create products without all this endless egotistically framed self congratulation talk. Even the audience don’t necessarily whoop on cue in the keynotes any longer to every point, much no doubt to Steve’s chagrin.

Geesh theyve made the phone better, its not a damn revolution all over again Continue reading