More Lion woes, erase install the only way to get lion to perform properly, upgrade installs glitchy as hell

Network links/aliases in dock not working ?! in Lion they no longer automount the associated network volumes if the login is stored in keychain, or offer up the dialogs to put in username and password when the login details have not been stored in keychain, this worked fine in snow leopard and was extensively used by many in my office environments. There are too many things that go wrong with an upgrade to lion as it stands.

Why Oh why dont I have a preinstall option to do a good old “archive and install”, So i get a clean OS install and then can pull in only user data that will be known not to conflict ? and reinstall apps. I know Lion prefers a clean install, because I have four machines that are all now slow glitchy and rubbish by the users measure and level of complaint after a normal Lion download & upgrade process, apples now standard way to install the OS ? I took one of these machines, backed up 250gb of user data via ext FW800 ! YAWN even that was a pain because you made the user library folder invisible in lion ? and made the copy function not copy invisible files ? Dangerous from a manual backup perspective indeed! I then erased the drive, did a pure clean lion install from a manually created install on a Hard drive from the ESDinstall img. Another problem recovery boot install manually re-downloads the installer image everytime! thats total !*$! from my perspective, imagine I need to do this on 5 machines Meaning I have to download a 4gb file 5 times ? not everyone has a 100mbit fibre connection on an apple campus !!, Then I hand reinstalled all apps, selectively manually copied back the user data, avoiding most library and sys related files that werent necessary, Now the machine runs as it should do normally and without so many issues ? total time 10 Hours just to do a full clean install of their complicated setups. Why Must I Erase a drive to get a completely fresh install of Lion on these machines ?????? this involves backing up 300gb of data and copying it back again from a support perspective its a disaster time and expense wise for my clients ? a £20 upgrade costs them a fortune in support hours to have their machines working normally ? just so they can have calendar and address book syncing back !!!! the only feature they wanted to keep using.

OS X lion and 2gig memory, terribly slow 4gb should be the minimum

lion is a memory hog and awful when it comes to paging in and out to disk, had a client on a 24″ imac that happened to have 2gb of memory, he got away with that memory spec on snow leopard, on lion his machine was practically unuseable directly after the lion install. client angry and frustrated upgrading to 4gb memory the crappy max on this 24″ imac can take … cheers apple, notebook technology in desktop replacement machines ? ADVICE to all out there make sure your mac has 4gb minimum before installing Lion. The amount of memory safari uses is obscene compared to chrome. and the full screen effects are a waste of bandwidth from a remote support perspective. Apple get worse by the month.

tip for anyone suffering in lion with 2gb ram, run the major memory hogging apps in 32 bit mode (tickbox selectable when “command I”-ing on the keyboard the selected application itself) then restart the program

Apple linein and stupidity with audio inputs

Another reason apple are totally crap in twenty years they have failed to put a mic input on theri fucking computers !!!!

Linein only and no mic input

this has been the case since the plaintalk mic fucking days, can they get over theyre own fucking gigantic fucking super design egos and include a standard fucking mic input someday on their fucking machines ? no I fucking doubt it ! fucking assholes !