Television versus Youtube or online TV

I choose online video and often youtube 90% of the time, apart from the BBC’s more mentally stimulating output why ?

(1) The sheer quantity of adverts in broadcast tv has become largely insufferable, there is allot less adverts online than on broadcast television
(2) The nature of digital online TV being on demand rather than push tv, is a much stronger draw i watch it when I want it
(3) Choosing what I want to watch and when means Beneficially Im not strapped to the schlock that happens to be on at nearly all times and vast array of trashy broadcast channels.

how these facts alone dont spell the doom of broadcast television I’ve no Idea.

Channel 4 : 4OD streaming crap – too many adverts if change playback head

why if you are going to pump 4 sets of adverts in my face plus sponsorship, and channel idents throughout the “The britains Greatest Codebreaker”, only then for pausing and suspension in streaming meaning, if im not careful, I end of having to rewatch the adverts just because you fail to stream it succesfully to me and I have to restart the stream, not a digital vision turing would be happy with. you dont have the right to throw advertising in my face, if you dont have the server bandwidth to deliver the programme content offered in exchange for the advertising.