advertisers responsibility

keep telling yourself your own philosophical mantra – on no day – will it ever be true – remember promotion as long as its promoting something that has a large well of underlying substance and function is alright. The problem with advertising, its its often helping to push the idea of fashion and temporary-ness and vapidness as the product, and sadly that mentality is entering the tech arena to, thats why he says ‘move on’ because advertising, markets and products today are all temporary slash and burn agricultures with no integrity.

function first form second always, especially when it comes to technology, you don’t land on the moon by purely pursuing form. science and function have to be very solidly defined first, and then form is brought into play to make something palatable to the eye, too often design starts with the reverse of this process, i think its a legacy of the streamline design era. Advertising has to be aware of the pitfalls and not market bad products for the sake of being paid.

tech companies are too greatly wanting to get away from specs and ui refinement, and declare everything as some kind of lifestyle rubbish.

Channel 4 : 4OD streaming crap – too many adverts if change playback head

why if you are going to pump 4 sets of adverts in my face plus sponsorship, and channel idents throughout the “The britains Greatest Codebreaker”, only then for pausing and suspension in streaming meaning, if im not careful, I end of having to rewatch the adverts just because you fail to stream it succesfully to me and I have to restart the stream, not a digital vision turing would be happy with. you dont have the right to throw advertising in my face, if you dont have the server bandwidth to deliver the programme content offered in exchange for the advertising.